Management / Members

1. Authorities of the Association


1.1. Management


Prof. dr hab. Wojciech J. Cynarski, 10 dan ido, kaiden shihan - prezes

Dr hab., prof. nadzw. Zbigniew Borysiuk, 7 dan, kyoshi - wiceprezes ds. nauki

Mgr Dariusz Bajkowski, 7 dan karate - wiceprezes ds. sportu

(wakat) - wiceprezes ds. organizacji

Mgr Elżbieta Cynarska, 1 dan aiki-jujutsu - sekretarz generalny

Adam Hajduk, 1 dan jujutsu - skarbnik



Dr hab. Juliusz Piwowarski, 9 dan karate, hanshi

Mgr Stanisław Cynarski, 9 dan aiki-jujutsu, okuden shihan

Dr Krzysztof Warchoł



1.2. Audit Committee


Dr hab., prof. nadzw. Cezary Kuśnierz, 1 dan karate [przewodniczący]
Mgr Adrian Piórko, 2 dan karate
Mgr Piotr Ziemiński, 1 kyu kick-boxing

2. Presidium of the Polish Takeda-ryu Union (associated with IPA)


Prezes, dyrektor techniczny - prof. dr hab. Wojciech J. Cynarski
Wiceprezes - vacat
Sekretarz - mgr Elżbieta Cynarska
Skarbnik - Adam Hajduk
(Cały zarząd nie został ukonstytuowany)

3. Technical Committee I.P.

3.1. Technical Chief-Director for Poland - sensei, international coach Wojciech J. Cynarski 10 dan, kaiden shihan; responsible for Shibu.

3.2. Other licenced egzaminers IPA - years 1998-2000 - no.

3.3. Since October 2000 the Dan Committee (holders of master degrees IPA)has been performing the duty. Today - according to martial arts disciplines - see: Dan Committee.

As a result of tragic car accident on October 15th, our friendand co-founder of the IMACSSS, Kazimierz Obodyński, has passed away.

altProfessor Kazimierz Obodyński
was born on October 21st, 1941 in Berdichev (now in Ukraine). Then, he moved to Yaremche, where he completed primary and secondary education. In 1957, along with his family he repatriated to Poland, initially living in Czudec, then moving to Rzeszow. In 1959 he started his studies in Physical Education on UPE in Warsaw, from which he graduated in 1964. He linked his interests with physical culture, in which he realized himself organizationally and scientifically. He was the driving force who organized the creation of training of physical education teachers, first in Krosno, and then in Rzeszow, bringing together faculty and teacher cadre. In Krosno he was the head of the Independent Department of Physical Education at first in the consultation point of WSP Rzeszow, and since 1967, at the Faculty of Education in (organized by himself) the Institute of Physical Education and then also Health Education. He was coach of volleyball at ZKS “Stal” Rzeszow, served as President of the District Handball Association, worked in the Voivodeship Methodical Team and in structures of the Polish Olympic Committee. In 1997-2001, he served as chairman - in currently the oldest sports club in Poland, CWKS “Resovia”. Despite many problems with health, as well as the unfortunate decisions of the accreditation commission, all its professional and personal efforts were dedicated to maintenance and development of physical education in Rzeszów - at first in the PE Institute, WSP, and since 2005 at the Department of Physical Education in the (existing since 2001) University of Rzeszow. To Him owes their doctoral, post-doctoral and professorial promotion a lot of personnel teaching physical education courses at the Physical Education in Rzeszów and other universities in Poland. His tireless work as mentor, teacher - of other teachers was honored by numerous titles and awards, including: Prize of the City of Rzeszow, the Medal of the centennial anniversary of Polish Sport, Medal of Eugeniusz Piasecki, the Laurel of Polish Olympic Committee, gold badges of: Merit for Physical Culture, ZG AZS, Polish Handball Association, Voivodeship Sports Federation and others. In recognition of his work bevy representants of physical education representing science centers across the entire Poland issued 500-page publication devoted to Kazimierz: Studies in the History and Theory of Physical Culture.

Not to be underestimated are his educational achievements, His paternal care of young academics as well as concern about the further development of the Faculty of Physical Education, including his in progress efforts to obtain rights to confer doctoral degrees, as well as the expansion of the faculty's material base.

We will remember him.